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The Dewy Skins

Case study

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Dewy Skins is a skincare product brand that approached Advist Global with their product photography, editing and retouching needs. It uses 100% plant based, organic ingredients for their products.


The client wanted a product photoshoot and product infographics for their e-commerce website. They also wanted editing and retouching for the images. All the images had to be finally on a transparent background. It was a challenge to perform photography on the products since the size was very small, and we had to make sure that each and every element of the packaging remains same in terms of color. Each product had to also be divided into 3 infographics: how to use, product description and key ingredients.


As per client requirements, we performed editing and retouching on the products. Each and every photograph was precisely edited and finalized. We also broke down the infographics of all the products.